Fire protection

Fire protection of high-rise buildings

Nowadays fire protection and regulations is given more importance due to the increasing value and importance of the objects, especially infrastructure ones. Yet, fire is a situation that occurs due to various factors, which can not be always prevented but only postponed. It is of vital importance to be well prepared to reduce the damage occurred. In the matter of fire protection of the high-rise buildings, timely detection and respecting the regulations is as important as proper design and horizontal and vertical fire barriers placement. Whichever fire extinguishing method is used (from the most easily accessible water, sand, a variety of foam, powder, or inert gases for the electrical installation) they have two common features: lowering the fuel surface temperature and interrupting oxygen flow as the essential component which supports burning.

Jadran Company Ltd. in greater extend deals with specific structures – transmission lines and pole cable mounting, and pays special attention to fire protection of this type of construction.

Protivpozarna zastita

Fire resistant cables, design and construction

Depending on project details, self-supporting cables with internal and external protection against overheating, stretching and inflammation, and resistant to UV radiation are used for transmission line. Essential for the design and choice of cable type, depending on a voltage level, are maximum pillar distances, potentially flammable objects (mostly residential or industrial) distance and obstacles (terrain), as well as the additional burden in the form of snow and ice. The routing field should be free from the surrounding vegetation as a potential source of fire. For maintaining and preventing the possibility of cable ignition and the greater damage is the site visiting of a great importance. Transmission line routes should be observed, the cable, insulation and connections with insulators checked and damaged ones timely replaced. In the case of higher risk there is a possibility of application of special fire protection cable coatings to slow down the destruction of the cable insulation which also applies to all other types of cables used in structures

Design and protection of steel structures

If higher temperatures occur by a prolonged fire time, the elastic deformations in the metal structures in the beginning will become less and less elastic. At later stages large elastic becomes plastic deformation and in the final stage the geometry changes and the loss of structural stability occurs. Whether it is about high-rise building construction, civil engineering, overhead lines or something else the last stage cannot be allowed. To increase the steel resistance to fire, various coatings and additives (flame retardants) for slowing down the heating or even concrete shell around the steel are used. These coatings work by swelling when exposed to flame to keep it away from steel, which extends the time the structure holds its load. In the case of transmission towers it is very important that the pillars are cleared of vegetation that can adversely affect the corrosion protection and fire safety.


The power plant Djerdap I: fire protection coatings for steel and the cables

Aerodrom Nikola Tesla: fire protection coatings for steel and the cables.